Erika Moen Minis


Package of four self-produced, handmade, stapled, 5.5″ × 8.5″ minicomics.

I Like Girls
40 Pages

My autobiographical story of falling in love with a woman for the first time and consequently coming-out to my mother.
Drawn in 2004

16 Pages

An illustrated introduction to some of the ways in which girls can have sex with girls, as well as addressing common questions about female sexuality and gender identity.
Drawn 2005

16 Pages

In 2012, Brendan Adkins wrote a series of fake personals ads on his Twitter that all started with "#IsawU". I thought they were so clever that I pestered him to let me turn them into an illustrated minicomic and this is the result!

Paper Stars to Soothe Your Soul
30 Pages

Stories Inside:
- Coffee to Go
- Keep Walking
- Make Your Stars
- Gender
Drawn 2003

Writing Love Letters to Your Pants
12 Pages

Stories Inside:
- The Easy Bake Oven
- Check One
- Day of Rest
- A Marni Poem
- Create
Drawn 2002

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